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Our web courses come to you

Complete career oriented training program in Photoshop Design, Web Designing Training, SEO TRAINING, Web Development Training & courses In Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Graphic Design courses

Photoshop is an Creative software but also intimidating application. If you've wanted to start using Photoshop but didn't know where to start, we'll be teaching you the basics all week long.

  • Introduction to Photoshop Layers
  • Using Selections and Channels
  • Creating Static Images for the Internet
  • Working with Vectors
  • Creating Banners and Animated GIFs
  • Creating New Images
  • Editing Images
  • Creating Web Pages with ImageReady

Web Designing Course Syllabus

Web Designing Course Syllabus Introduction to Web Technologies Introduction to Web Technologies Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles How the Website Works ? Client and Server Scripting Languages Difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites) Web Standards.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
  • What is Markup Language
  • Basic Structure of HTML
  • Head Section and Elements of Head Section
  • Meta Tags
  • External Link Tags
HTML Structure Tags
  • Table Tag
  • Div Tag
  • Frames
Content / Media Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
  • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
  • Image Tags / Image Hot Spots
  • Iframe Tags
Working with Forms
  • Form Tag
  • POST and GET Method
  • Text Input, Text Area, Checkbox, Image Input and Radio
  • Select Option, Option Group
  • Submit Button, Reset Button
  • Relation between HTML Form and PHP
  • Creating a Live Website Form
Spry Elements
  • Spry Menu Bar
  • Tabbed Panels
  • Accordions
  • Collapsible Divs

Cascading Style Sheets:

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets Types of Style Sheets (Inline, Internal and External) CSS for Website Layout and Print Layout

Types of CSS Selectors
  • Universal Selector
  • Type Selector
  • Class Selector
  • ID Selector
  • Child Selector
  • Descendant Selector
  • Adjacent Sibling Selector
  • Attribute Selector
  • Nesting of Selectors
CSS properties
  • Type Properties
  • Background Properties
  • Block Properties
  • Box Model Properties
  • List Properties
  • Border Properties
  • Positioning Propeties
Using CSS for Realtime Practical Works
  • Defining the Text Styles
  • Defining the Background Styles
  • Designing a Menu System (Horizontal, Vertical )
  • Custom Form Designing
  • DIV + CSS Layout Design
  • PSD to CSS Conversion

SEO Concepts

  • Basics of SEO
  • Importance of SEO
  • Onpage Optimization Basics

Web Development training

We offer the complete career oriented training program in Web Designing

  • Basic Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver CS5
  • HTML 5 Jquery
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • Live Project

Our web courses

1.  Photoshop Design courses

Get all the essential tools, including Lightroom and Photoshop, for crafting incredible images every day...

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2.  Web Designing Training

Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3

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A seasoned SEO Consultant can teach you something which typical SEO Institutes can never.

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